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Ο Ξηρόλοφος (Τοπική Κοινότητα Ξηρολόφου - Δημοτική Ενότητα ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙΑΣ), ανήκει στον δήμο ΣΟΥΛΙΟΥ

Ξηρόλοφος Θεσπρωτίας   HellenicaWorld ...

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The Taj Mahal is a tomb situated in Agra, India.


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Elxis extensions extend the built-in functionality.

Elxis has some global extension types and some others that are component specific. The most important extensions are the Components. A component handles the user request and generates the correspondin...

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Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Elxis CMS usage.

Elxis 4.x is a modern porerful content management system having many cool features. Some of them are really unique. We advise you to take your time and explore Elxis. Every day you use Elxis you will ...

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The most important Elxis features.

Elxis is a powerful and rich CMS having many of the features you will need for your site built-in. You can extend more Elxis by installing additional extensions. This article lists the most important ...

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What is Elxis?

An introduction to the Elxis world.

Elxis is an open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP programming language. It was born on December 2005 and since then it is used by thousands of people in all over the world. Elxis ...

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